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Investing in the right people, at the right time

In order to have the most impact, coaching should be invested in the right people, at the right time, and in the right way. It’s more than coaching for managers or top performers; it’s coaching for all, at the exact moment that it’s needed.

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Identified and Personalized

With IdentifyAI™, BetterUp finds the right people for coaching and recommends a personalized path to growth. 

This proprietary feature accurately and efficiently assesses the learning and development needs of your entire employee population, and segments them according to where they are in their career, how they prefer to learn, and their readiness for coaching.

The algorithm then recommends the amount of coaching, specialists, curated content, and coach type that is required for each person.

Supercharge your BetterUp coaching experience

IdentifyAI™ supercharges the BetterUp coaching experience, addressing your most mission critical challenges and delivering the business outcomes you seek to achieve.

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