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Whole person
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BetterUp develops high-performing cultures that fuel business growth by improving leadership behaviors and increasing employee performance.

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Redefine peak performance across your organization

We partner with global enterprise customers to bring transformation experiences to their people and measurable growth to their organization. From the smallest teams to the biggest goals, we architect impactful coaching programs that fit into the way you do business.

  • #1 Coaching experience

    With a best-in-class partner NPS of 75, BetterUp is a top-rated enterprise SaaS platform.

  • Easy rollout

    Seamless onboarding for both administrators and employees anywhere in the world.

  • Global coverage

    A global program streamlined into one intuitive platform and coaches in every time zone.

  • Comprehensive support

    Our teams of account managers and PhD behavioral scientists offer anytime support.

How it works

Every aspect of the BetterUp experience — from personalized coaching programs to bite-sized learning content to customized reporting — is scalable across your entire organization.



    BetterUp delivers personalized coaching and learning through one-on-one and group experiences that are aligned to both personal and business goals.



    The BetterUp platform runs on the built-in brain power of the world’s leading behavioral scientists and HR thought leaders.



    BetterUp’s IdentifyAI™ can find the right people for coaching and recommend the most valuable path for each person — meaning your dollars go further than ever before.

Optimize your people development investment

Professional development is not a one-size-fits-all solution. BetterUp’s proprietary matching algorithm IdentifyAI™ finds the right population for coaching and recommends the most effective growth path for each person. Those people then bring their newly learned skills and behaviors back to their teams, fostering a culture of collaboration and growth.

Supercharge your BetterUp coaching experience with IdentifyAI™

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A global network of expert Coaches

While our methods are backed by science and powered by technology, our approach is always human. We match employees with a best-in-class Coach to unlock their potential and improve states of well-being, performance, and purpose.

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The roi
of coaching

Your people are the only sustainable competitive advantage. From the individual, team, and organizational levels, the business benefits of investing in your workforce are clear.

  • 20%

    Increase in productivity with coaching

  • 31%

    Increase in team performance

  • 52%

    Reduction in burnout

From personal growth to organizational transformation

Our insights and analytics allow you to track what’s most important from day one. Watch growth happen in real-time by measuring everything from engagement and productivity to well-being and work-life balance.

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Professional development.
personal growth.

BetterUp Coaches help members identify, understand, and own their strengths, so they feel empowered to reach their full potential.

Only 8% of the Coaches who apply pass their rigorous selection process to join the team. That speaks to the quality of Coaches on their bench! MIT has a 7.9% acceptance rate for comparison.

Kristin Wagner, Sr. Learning Partner at Siemens

Rather than waiting until the end of a coaching engagement to find out how it’s going ... BetterUp’s approach can spot strengths to build upon and gaps to close in real-time.

Jesse Sostrin, Global Head of Executive Development at Salesforce

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With BetterUp’s unique evidence-based approach to coaching, we now have the most innovative and cutting-edge L&D experience possible that will help us attract and retain top talent around the world.

Summer Davies, Global Sr. Manager, Leadership Development at Mars

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BetterUp’s approach to coaching gives each person the opportunity to thrive and do the best work of their career, no matter what ‘next thing’ they’re facing.

Larry McAlister, VP of Global Talent at NetApp

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Seamless integrations with your existing vendors

BetterUp seamlessly integrates with leading enterprise systems across HCM, SSO, content, and video conferencing.

A secure experience, engineered for growth

Protecting your company and employee data is our top priority. We earn your trust every day by complying with international privacy, security, and confidentiality protocols, regulations, and requirements.

  • BetterUp is SOC 2 Type II certified

  • AES-252 Encryption

    BetterUp is SOC 2 Type II certified


    Members authenticate via the mobile app using OAuth2 on an SSL connection to application servers

Coaches and administrators access data via a secured web portal


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